Green Supplier Limited has been providing landscape services for the past 10 years. We are an established  landscape construction firm specializing in custom residential, industrial and road landscape design and installation. Our dedicated staff is experienced, and with the guidance of the managment team, can guide our clients to an ideal solution.  We pride ourselves in offering a high value, client centred and personal service to our clients.

Project 1:

from the laying of pebbles to the planting of the palms in modern, vibrant, orange pots, you name it we can do it.

project 2:

Large scale landscaping such as schools and public places.

Project 3:

Summer or winter, artificial turf always shines and with the best prices on the island you cant go wrong.

Project 4:

Whatever the occasion, we can always take any occation to the next level. Plant hiring and temporary landscaping at magnificent prices.

Project 5:

You want to live the high-life? You have a wonderfull home but still have that something missing? We can encorporate any design with excisting features to enhance your home.